Professional Parts

Combining Pro Parts with Style

Engine — stainless steel 4 litre tank
Clutch — race grade clutch kit
Tracks — easily removable track
Motor — electric start motor
Safety — emergency stop tether strap
Look — a gritty dark base with eye catching colours


High output internally governed
4-stroke efficient engine

Electric Start

Paired with a back-up recoil start, you will always be able to start your Woodsrunner


High performance race clutch

Drive Chain

Black & Gold racing chain

Drive Axle

1″ solid steel for impact durability


Easy access cover for inspection and maintenance

Accessory Power

3-amp charge coil for lights, battery charging, etc.


Quick-change mechanism for easy track changes.  No tools required.

Air Intake

High-efficiency combustion and cooling air-intake filters

Gas Tank

4-litre (one gallon) stainless steel, built in


Emergency stop wrist-band and throttle palm lock


Nano-gel, non-spillable 12-VDC 6-AH

First Time?

How It Works.

It’s actually quite easy.
The Woodsrunner is suitable for first time skiers, or even experienced alpine skiers. You can control the speed, so it’s perfect for learning ski fundamentals while travelling on flat ground, or you can cruise through tough terrain in the back country!

thumb_01_60_60You Decide the Speed

You can cruise at 5 km/hr, or you can speed by at a whopping 40 km/hr. The Woodsrunner has the power and speed to tackle almost any terrain from your backyard to the Rocky Mountains.


Woodsrunner has a throttle lockout and an emergency stop tether cord for your safety.

thumb_01_60_60Who Can Use It?

Adjustable handle and suspension can accommodate height and weight of practically any adult user.

thumb_01_60_60What You Need?

Standard Alpine Ski Equipment – Warm Clothing. Boots, Skis and Helmet. Know your terrain. Know your limits.


Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Quickly fold it up for ease of transportation.
Yes, you can even throw it in the trunk of your car.
No truck or trailer needed.