Common Questions

Do I Need to Know How to Ski?
Some alpine ski experience helps. However, many who have never skied before enjoy the Woodsrunner’s stability, easy maneuverability and say the Woodsrunner has helped them learn to ski.
How Safe is the Woodsrunner?
Like any adventure accessory, there is always risk of injury. All safety precautions should be followed while using the Woodsrunner. Know your terrain. Know your limits.
How Fast is the Woodsrunner?
Taking different terrain into consideration, the average operator can expect to travel about 25 km/hr. Beginners enjoy a crusing speed of around 5 km/hr, while more experienced users can reach up to 40 km/hr!
How Long Does a Full Tank Last?
The Woodsrunner is gas-powered. With a 4-litre tank (1 gallon US), and taking into consideration the weather conditions and terrain, a typical operator can expect to travel approximately 50 kilometres on one fill-up.
How Much Does a Woodsrunner Cost?

Get Woodsrunner at a promotional price of $4,990 CAD plus applicable taxes and shipping. Order now using your credit card on our order page. Your card will not be charged until your order is filled.

How Can I Order and Reserve My Woodsrunner?

It’s easy. You can order your own Woodsrunner right here on our order page.

Does the Woodsrunner Come with a Warranty?
Skizee’s commitment to quality guarantees manufacturer replacement of parts and materials, including battery for one year from date of purchase. Some exclusions (e.g., failure to follow proper operating instructions including improper use and storage) apply.
Can You Ship Internationally?
Yes we can. Just contact us.
Is a Downpayment Required?

To guarantee your order, just enter your credit card information on the order page. You will not be charged until your order has been filled.

Is a Payment Plan Available?
We are working hard to offer you financing options. Sign up for updates, and check back frequently for more information.
How Do I Pay?

Simply follow the steps on our order page! We use WooCommerce and Stripe. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available. Payment information is transmitted using SSL encryption. As one of the safest online checkout softwares, many big companies also use it, like Disney and Timex.

Other Questions? Send us a message!

For more information, please write us at: info@skizee.ca.