A Closer look



At a glance


Just put it in your trunk

At just over three feet in lenth, Skizee can easily fit in the trunk of your car. A large trunk can accomodate two and a pickup can easily hold four in the bed; making it easy to load up and head out to the great outdoors.


Ergonomically designed

The backrest sits just where you have the most padding and the Skizee's adjustable control arms allow you to control the machine while remaining comfortable. It's kind of like riding a T-bar, only one you can take where you want!

Easy track change

In less than three minutes, you can have the track off of your Skizee and a different one in place. It's that easy. After all, why let anything get in the way of you and the backcountry?


Electricity to go

Each SKIZEE comes with a power core that allows you to plug in your battery chargers, headlamps or other electricity-powered gear to help keep you safe and connected in the backcountry.


Easy on the environment

With its low-emission four-stroke engine, combined with its compact size, the SKIZEE leaves a small ecological footprint -- helping to preserve the very reason you want to be in the wilderness in the first place.