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Inventive minds
manufacturing inc.
Is the brainchild of Managing Directors Tim Park and Jim Maidment (pictured above).
Jim and Tim are from beautiful Kimberley, B.C. and are avid outdoorsmen who like to spend as much time in the backwoods as possible. They also love to whip around on their SKIZEES, and quite frankly, who wouldn't?

Jim is the inventor of the SKIZEE and a founder of Inventive Minds Manufacturing Inc. Jim’s experience as a millwright on major assembly lines for Chrysler instilled the process control needed to maximize the commercial value of his technical expertise. Assembly and manufacturing plant efficiency will be foremost in his ongoing responsibilities.

Tim, the other founding member of the company, brings extensive military training and expertise from his years with the Canadian Navy which has aided immensely in backcountry SKIZEE testing. Tim has been responsible for computer and electronic systems aboard some of the world’s most technically advanced warships. His knowledge of military specifications, coupled with Search & Rescue leadership skills, make him the perfect reasearch, development and wilderness touring partner.

Home Office:

Kimberley, BC

If you would like more information about how to order your own SKIZEE, or to set up a SKIZEE demonstration tour in your area, drop us a line.